Taghziya was established on April 2016 as a subsidiary of Tanmiyat Holding. We are a, it is now a fast growing entity of Qatari Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverages;, engaged in developing, marketing & distribution of a broad range of pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages products globally. Taghziya Company has been launched to satisfy its customers at all levels, as well as, to meet the needs of both market Healthcare and Food & Beverage. Taghziya also aims to be the country’s preferred supplier in the field of catering and support services by ensuring consistent quality, customer service and consumer value.

At the core of our business sits a diverse team of dedicated, enthusiastic and well- experienced professionals who are committed to providing much needed medications around the world.
Our expertise lies in the acquisition and licensing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and delivering them to patients. We look carefully for certain criteria in these products and select a blend of underlying sales stability and growth potential. Qatar’s population is in constant growth, as is the demand of basic needs of Healthcare and Food & Beverage markets. Taghziya primarily focuses on Healthcare and Food & Beverage sectors in Qatar, where we offer diverse products regarding this sector in order to create a unique diverse environment within the Healthcare markets in Qatar.

At Taghziya, we promise to deliver our services/products with utmost levels of commitment, not to mention our extreme superior quality provided to our customers both privately and publically, making credibility our core strength.

Taghziya’s objectives:

  • Procure the most cost-effective products\services in the highest quality
  • Select the best suppliers of high-quality products
  • Ensure timely delivery
  • Achieve the lowest possible cost with the highest quality
  • Fulfill our customers’ satisfaction
  • Stay alarmed of the market changes and learning how to adapt to them.
  • Deliver what we promise (bounded by our word)
  • Keep up our pride of what we do

We are specialized in Healthcare and Food & Beverage products, Services with a mission to synergistically supply the Qatari market with high end-levels products and services as well as seamlessly orchestrate excellent methods while maintaining the highest standards.

We prioritize our customers by understanding their needs to be able to meet their requests and grant them a satisfying experience.