About Company

Chairman’s Message

Coming together in 2011, Tanmiyat Holding has accomplished a remarkable step towards success. Confidence in our vision, skills of development and the ability of growth are the corner stones on which we base our mission to contribute towards Qatar’s economy at both local and international levels.
Our structured business development is characterized by innovation and excellence further embracing our holding in Qatar’s 2030 national vision.

Each of our subsidiaries stands as an important factor in our equation of success, whereby the core element remains the trust established between our partners and us. In a commitment towards the trust placed in us, both our strategic business units and professional teams are responsible for paving a successful journey for Tanmiyat’s holding future generations that will carry on the pride built by our holding.

Dr. Braik Bin Samikh Al Samikh

CEO’s Message

In a business world that is constantly changing, we at Tanmiyat Holding are dedicated towards building a team of creative and enthusiastic individuals.

Our business environment is structured in a manner that drives both our existing and potential employees towards being valuable contributors to our desired accomplishments.
Our human resource is our core foundation; by strengthening it we are enforcing the ground on which we are building our success.
Group CEO,


Our Mission

Our mission is to continuously grow our business platforms in a profitable manner, driven by wisely selected investments.

Our Vision

Our vision is to obtain a regional presence and an influential contribution to the economy of the state of Qatar and its national vision 2030.

Our Values

Commitment to Service : We are committed to continuously obtain the highest level of our clients’ satisfaction, in a commitment to attentively serve their every demand.

Innovation : At Tanmiyat Holding, we strive for innovation at all levels in order to maintain a leading edge in the constantly evolving market. We are in a constant search for new technologies that will aid us in further advancing our endeavors.

Partnership : Driven by our mission and vision, we, at Tanmiyat Holding, are committed to hold our work environment culture in the highest regard by valuing as we value all our partnerships - with which we operate in a familial manner. Our partners are among the few driving force of the company and we are committed in keeping a healthy and long-term working relation with them.

Profitability : Our promise is to deliver an added value to our partners by succeeding in our business plans, and generating a profitable return to our partnership.

Training & Leadership : In a constantly changing market, we focus on keeping our employees well trained, knowledgeable and up to date in what relates to both local and global business.

Integrity : At Tanmiyat, we maintain an ethical manner in dealing with our customers and strategic partners to further build a healthier relation.

Our People

In Tanmiyat Holding, we are committed to prioritize the welfare of our employees and, hence, our holding, with this, we have built a unique work environment that serves as a motivational and dynamic habitat for our employees.